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At hydramedics, we value and prioritize your overall health and wellness. Our IV Vitamin Infusions are designed and formulated to target a multitude of symptoms with the goal of making you feel like a new person! Rehydrated. Energized. And ready to Slay!

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normal saline

an isotonic solution. Used for quick fluid and electrolyte replenishment. 

vitamin b complex

(B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6) vitamins that may help keep skin and blood cells healthy and help convert nutrients into energy.


crucial mineral for bodily functions. Helps maintain nerve function, cellular function, bones, muscles, and heart. May help one feel relaxed by helping alleviate stress, anxiety, insomnia, and constipation.


anti-nausea medication used to help alleviate nausea. Used for vomiting, migraines, hangovers, and food poisoning.

amino acids

known as the “building blocks of protein” natural compounds that combine to form proteins in our body. Essential to help with food breakdown, tissue repair, growth, and other bodily functions. 


known as the master antioxidant. Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. Easily depleted in the body by stress and toxins. (ex. alcohol)


anti-inflammatory medication used to treat moderate to severe pain and inflammation.


an antioxidant that helps protect the body’s cells from damage.  Also essential for the maintenance of healthy skin, teeth, bone cartilage, and blood vessels.

hydroxocobalamin (b-12)

energy and brain health. Essential for building new blood cells, DNA, and nerve insulation. Deficiencies lead to brain fog, fatigue, and rapid aging.


a nutrient that is essential for making proteins and DNA. Helps boost the immune system by fighting viruses and bacteria.

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