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revive and rehydrate 

with hydramedics

"the tea" on mobile iv therapy

IV (intravenous) therapy revitalizes your body by providing supplemental vitamins and micronutrients; administered through the veins. Improving your body’s overall well-being and state of health. 

*The rate at which the bag empties through the body varies per person but typically lasts 30 – 45 minutes*

how iv vitamin therapy infusions are administered

Mobile - We Deliver the Treatment to your door! Hassle-free. 

The administration of our IV Vitamin Infusions can be done at any appropriate outpatient setting (your home, office, gym, event, seriously anywhere). We take patient health and safety seriously and take extra caution to minimize the risks of infection or other complications.

Your infusion will be administered only by professionals. We have a total of over 20 years of experience combined! 

what should I expect?

One of our providers will arrive at your home (or set location) and ensure that you are in a comfortable (and appropriate) spot to start the administration of an IV Vitamin Infusion.

A tourniquet will be applied to the upper arm or forearm so that veins below the tourniquet become visible and distended — once the favored vein is selected, the application of the alcohol-based solution onto the skin, and the skin is dry, an appropriately sized needle (or cannula) will be used to establish an IV line.

And… Just like that! The IV line is set and the bag can then be connected to the IV line so that its contents flow into your body! 

how often can i receive iv therapy? 

There are no clearly set limits regarding how frequently an individual can receive an IV vitamin infusion or how many bags can be received. These mostly depend on the instructions established by the healthcare provider and how quickly the individual responds to the therapy. 

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